Service Dog Training

Service Dogs FAR EXCEED the expectations of even the most "well-trained" pet.

We have two different programs - Group and In-Home (described below).

A Service Dog is only authorized for a person with a medically documented disability when it has been trained to perform specific tasks that mitigate (or reduce) a person's disability.

A Service Dog is expected to and must remain calm "no matter what happens".
Examples include:
- A child walks up behind them and pulls their tail   (has happened at WalMart)
- A child runs up behind them, throws out their arms, and screams "BOO!"
(has happened at Disneyland)
- Another dog barks, growls, lunges, or nips at them   (has also happened at Disneyland)

All that said, a Service Dog MUST be both well socialized and pass a temperament test. Without these qualities there's no point to even start training.

While hundreds of hours of training are required to pass a Public Access Test (P.A.T.), after receiving instructions presented by your trainer, you will learn how to apply those techniques to train your dog in order to fulfill the necessary behaviors and tasks in preparation for the P.A.T.

So you have a disability that can be lessened by a Service Dog performing a task

We offer exclusive Service Dog training services by coming to your home to assist you in training your dog.   However , as noted above, your dog must have a good temperament or disposition prior to beginning any training.


Our fee of $75 (per hour) of training is quite affordable when compared to the typical price of $15,000 - $50,000 for a Program Service Dog (where a Service Dog is trained for you). Even the fees for traveling to your location are very competitive compared to others.

Need a Service Dog trained at your home,
we can assist you and your dog to fulfill that need.

Contact us about a Temperament Test for your dog
( if their temperament isn't good, training is a waste )

Need a Service Dog trained at our location,
we train through "Dogs For Invisible Disabilities"
a non-profit program that can help fulfill your need.

Learn more about their "Owner-Trained" Service Dog Program

Targeted expectations of Your Dog's behavior and Skills to reach this goal

Temperament Test
Bonding to owner/handler
Basic Obediance
Advanced Obediance
Advanced Training
Specialized Task Training
Public Access Test