Now Offering Pre-Trained Puppies!!
(offering fully obedience trained service dogs
[task and public access training will be necessary])

Likeness of a six month old goldendoodle

Reserve your service dog puppy today!.

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A fresh litter of puppies are expected in September 2018.


First photos of Patty O'doodle and Prisca (both have been reserved)

Patty O'doodle (available)                                                           and Prisca (sold)

    Fully focused on dinner.                                                       Patty O'doodle practicing "Sit" (available)

Prisca on the left (sold) and
Patty O'doodle on the right (available)

In Progress

Reserving a puppy or being placed on the waiting list requires a down payment of $2,500. Contact for complete pricing details.

Puppies are handselected based on temperament and trainability at seven weeks of age from reputable local breeders and they are trained by a certified professional dog trainer (about me).

M.L.D.T.B. will provide a trained, "house ready" puppy (between six and eight months old), that has been properly socialized allowing it to appropriately interact with people (men women,& children), other dogs, and most farm animals.

These puppies will:
  be House Trained - no unwanted elimination inside the home (provided that they are taken outside to relieve themselves regularly), no destructive chewing (a designated chew toy should be provided), should not jump up on visitors or guests and will know how to ride in a vehicle.
B)  be Crate/Kennel Trained - go into crate or kennel on command and remain for a substantial amount of time without whining (overnight for example).
C)  be Competent with basic obedience - "Sit", "Down", ”Stand”, "Stay", "Come", "Off", "Leave It", "Wait", and "Kennel".
D)  demonstrate an understanding of intermediate obedience - "Back (up)", Paws Up", "Find (it)", "Cuddle", "Up", and "Look" (at me).
E)  Purchasers must attend a two week hands-on training prior to transferring puppy to you, at our location in Lebanon, Oregon, at your expense.

Specialized Training for Service Dogs - (for any puppy that is intended to be trained as a service dog) will have begun their public access training in stores, restaurants, and on public transportation.
1)  A letter from your doctor stating that you are in need of a Service Dog will be required before this type of training will take place.
2)  A contract stating you will continue the service dog training with a Service Dog Training Organization or a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (with service dog experience).
3)  Upon completion of training, the dog will have been BOTH task trained AND tested under the Public Access Test BEFORE being considered a Service Dog, in all other cases, the dog will be considered as simply a pet when sold.