PetTech® Pet Saver

PetTech PetSaver

CPR , First Aid & Care for your Pets ®
The cost of this 8 hour class is $125 per person.
Group discounts are available.

25% of pets would be saved if just one
pet first aid technique is applied PRIOR to
getting emergency veterinary care.

(excerpt from American Animal Hospital Association)

About First Aid for your pet - "Don't I just take care of him/her?"
You love your pet(s). Whether one, or many, you want to care for them the best you can. Yet, many pet owners have no idea what to do when an emergency occurs.

What if:
        > Your pet gets injured;
        > Another dog bites them;
        > Perhaps you have a car accident;
        > They slip playing on wet grass;
        > They eat something that's poisonous,
        > A rattlesnake bites then while hiking, or,
        > Maybe an object at home falls on them.
You would do?   Call your vet?
What if it's on a week-end?   Are they open? Can you get there in time?
Take a proactive approach to your pet's health and safety
by learning first aid techniques that could save your pet's life.

Our Head Trainer is certified to teach PetTech® CPR and First Aid (PetTech Instructor#1981) and offers classes throughout both Oregon and Washington.

Our PetTech ® Instructor

Is willing to travel to your location to teach classes (without an additional travel fee, provided there are sufficient number of students).
She will work with you and your group to create fund-raisers for your organization to help off-set course costs.

You'll be able to provide Pet Life Saving techniques with the Skills you learn

Access Scene & Approach
Fully Access All Injuries
Provide CPR/Breathing if needed
Stop Excessive Bleeding
(provided it will not cause further injury)
Arrainge Transport