This an initial training consultation
and is oriented towards specific
training challenges the client
wishes to have addressed.
> This two (2) hour consultation has a one-time cost of $100.00.

Fire Fighters, Police, EMS, and Military are given a 10% discount!

SET GOALS - We will start by meeting for 2 hours with a private, one on one, consultation* at our business.   It will include an evaluation, identifying hidden challenges, and developing an individual training plan.   I may have time to begin training during this time.

TRAIN - We will meet with you weekly at our business** to work with you and you dog to ensure that both of you are progressing towards your goals.

GET RESULTS - If you do your "homework" with your dog daily, you will accomplish the goal or goals that you desired.

* = Meeting in your home is available at an additional charge.

** = Dependant on distance/travel time to client's location, there may be an additional charge for traveling to the client's desired training location.

As Your Private Dog Trainer

We will guide you through training your dog so
you can be confident in their behavior.

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