This initial behavioral consultation
will identify the training goals
that the client desires(1).
> This two (2) hour consultation has a one-time cost of $100.00.

Fire Fighters, Police, EMS, and Military are given a 10% discount!

SET GOALS - During this one on one consultation, at our business (2),
I will develop an individualized training plan according to the client's desires (1).
We will set up a convenient time for the weekly training sessions at our business(3) so that I will be able to show you the most positive and effective training techniques to achieve your goals.
In our efforts to help you reach your goals, you will be asked to "do your homework" by including daily training as part of the individualized training plan designed to meet your needs and wants.   I may or may not have time to begin training during this time.

(1) = This consult is designed for Standard Dog Training, NOT to be confused with Behavioral Issues or Service Dog Training, those different courses.
(2) = Meeting in your home for this consultation is available at an additional charge.
(3) = Dependant on distance/travel time to client's location, there may be an additional charge for traveling to the client's desired training location.

As Your Private Dog Trainer

We will guide you through training your dog so
you can be confident in their behavior.

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