Half-Day Care

Half-Day Daycare
Living A Balanced Day
The cost half-day Daycare is $15.

Fire Fighters, Police, EMS, and our Military! get a 10% discount!

Before you arrive, we will kennel any other dogs that are here to ensure a safe "meet and greet" and see if everybody gets along.
If you haven't been with us before, we will have you fill out a Daycare Contract while your dog "gets to meet everybody" in their kennels. Once your Daycare Contract is filled out you're on your way.
Our staff will see how everybody is doing and make introductions to the other dogs. Dependent on interactions, our staff will let other dogs out to play under supervision. Every dog will get a chance for Play time, Outside time, Kennel time, Training time and Nap time.

Please note that there may be an additional fee if you are late.

Half-Day Daycare Packages

In efforts to reduce your cost, we encourage clients to purchase a:
10 Day Package at the discounted price of $135.00 (a $15.00 savings)
20 Day Package at the discounted price of $250.00 (a $50.00 savings)

As Your Dog Daycare Provider

We will ensure that your dog has a fun
and playful time until you return.

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Results we strive to provide Your Pet through learning and playing
(may be customized as client desires)

Sit & Stay
Attention Span
Comes When Called