do you groom ?


What's Up With This?

This is a "work in progress" as we want to make sure that we will be able to bring you great results.
This will include finding a suitable location with
- a lot of GFCI safety power receptacles (safety first)
- comfort controlled climate (no shivering allowed)
- a supply of water, drainage, and proper disposal
- very large water heater (again, no shivering allowed)
Other equipment that is needed:
- adequate and safe bathing tub
- adequate and safe grooming table
- hair drier for dogs (different for safety reasons)
- shears and brushes will be brought by groomer
- locate an experienced groomer and verify quality results
- create safety procedures to always ensure "do no harm"

When Will This Happen?
We will be placing an "X" to the right of what is needed above, so that you can see our progress.