Getting Paid

Want to get paid?

Our webmaster will pay you - if you discover errors, broken links, or your suggestions.
What do I have to do? - At your leisure you read through our website and if you discover any of the above or have a suggestion, you inform our webmaster of what you found, where you found it, or you an idea of something should be added and where it should be added. Pretty simple.
How do I get paid? - you will recieve a credit at My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare that can be used for or towards the purchase of any of our services or products.
How much do I paid? - this depends on if your discovery or discoveries is an error or a suggestion, but will give at least a $10.00 credit.
When do I paid? - after you email our webmaster (Subject="Discovery") with your discovery or discoveries (if the credit is for your use please include your first and last name - if you want the credit for another person, please include their first and last name).
You will receive a comfirmation that your email was received.
Once the error or broken link is verified, our webmaster will immediately correct it and will reply with an email thanking you for your discovery or discoveries and will also ensure that a Gift Certificate is issued in the name requested in the original email.

In the event that your email is about a suggestion, again you will receive a comfirmation that your email was received. Our webmaster will then discuss the suggestion with the owners of My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare.

If your suggestion is used, you will be paid at least, yet may likely be more than the minimum $10.00 credit.
NOTE: Making the suggestion to correct an error is paid at the regular error amount.
All suggestions are appreciated, however, we may not be able to use a suggestion for a variety of reasons.
Should the owners choose to still issue any credit for a unused suggestion that will be at their discretion.