Challenging Teen

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This is an 8 week group class
for those challenging teens
The cost of this 8 week class is $150.

Fire Fighters, Police, EMS, and Military are given a 10% discount!

The challenge of dealing with teenage dogs (4 to 18 months of age).

These kids will challenge you, just to make sure the rules haven't changed.

This class is designed to help you develop skills to work with your dog as their hormones are raging so that, you, and your dog, have a good life together.

We will cover the basic obedience commands and common behavior issues that are often seen in young dogs.

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As Your Trainer

We will guide you through training your dog so
you can be confident in their behavior.

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Desired results For Your Pet both learning and applying these Skills

Sit & Stay
Attention Span
Comes When Called