About me

Suzanne with Wyatt

Initially, in January of 2011, I founded Dogs For Invisible Disabilities, an owner-trainer program that is now is registered as a 501c Non-Profit organization.
"My Little Dog Training Business" arose out of people who did not need a Service Dog, but were interested in having a well trained pet, and in 2013, I began training pet dogs.
I offer individualized training which can include: Basic and Advanced obedience; Behavior modification; Puppy socialization; and a "Merit Badge Program".
I also offer Pet Tech CPR, First Aid and Care classes for individuals and groups. They make a great gift for your favorite dog or cat person.

I am pleased to have recently added the "Family Dog Program", designed for families with children who are adding a dog into their household. It includes online videos for the family to watch, as well as set homework. It is not designed to handle behavioral issues. These will have to be addressed prior to starting this program.

Training Techniques

My Education
& Credentials

* Master's Degree in Science
Oregon State University - 1989

1. PetTech Instructor - #1981
Panama, Florida - 2015

2. Certified Professional Dog Trainer with
Knowledge Assesment
- by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers - 10/2015

3. Certified Professional Dog Trainer with
Knowledge & Skills Assesment
- by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers - 10/2016

4. American Kennel Club certifications:
        A) AKC Star Puppy - Instructor,
        B) AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) - Evaluator,
        C) AKC CGC Community Canine - Evaluator,
        D) AKC CGC Urban Canine - Evaluator,

5. Member of the Association of Professional
Dog Trainers (APDT) - 2012


  • 10/2014
  • Seattle, Washington, USA
    Service Dog Training Seminar

  • 01/2015
  • India
    Spent 20 days in under the tutalige of John Rogerson to learn:
            1. Basic Foundations
            2. Bomb Detection
            3. Tracking & Trailing
            4. Service Dog Training
            5. Dealing with aggressive dogs

  • 02/2016
  • Salinas, California, USA
    Attended Ultimate Recall Course.

  • 10/2017
  • Richmond, Virginia, USA
    Annual Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference.

  • 10/2017
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Crowd Funding.

  • 10/2017
  • Gathersburg, Maryland, USA
    Assistance Dogs International, PTSD Veteran Service Dog Training.

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More Credentials

6. Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS)

Through Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Instructor and Evaluator

7. International Association of
Animal Behavior Consultants
- Supporting Member - 2016

8. Family Dog Training Program
- Private Trainer - 2016

9. Paw Tree Independent Pet Pro
- Providing Customized Nutrition for your pet

10. Reserved "Title"
- Supplimental information