The Good Dogs of America (tm) Iron-on Merit Badge Patches (tm),
are ONLY available from authorized professional trainers, such as myself.

Currently there are 18 merit badges capable of being earned.
How many will your "best friend" be able to collect?

Merit badges shown smaller than actual size.

The GDA watermark is not on actual merit badges.

Embroidered Merit Badge Patches have unique characteristics,
thus color and patterns may vary.

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Stay Merit Badge   Sharing Merit Badge   Shake Merit Badge  
  Play Dead Merit Badge   Wait Merit Badge   Heel Merit Badge
Drop it Merit badge   Come Merit Badge   Dog Social Merit Badge  
  Lets Go Merit Badge   Place Merit Badge   Leave It Merit Badge
Off Merit Badge   House Trained Merit Badge   Grooming Merit Badge  

Just ask for full details!

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Iron-On Image   Iron-on instructions:
  1) There MAY be a wax disc on the back of your merit badge. If so, remove and discard.
  2) The bandana should be clean & freshly laundered.
3) Set iron to "COTTON" and wait until it reaches temperature.
4) Iron area of the bandana where merit badge will be placed. -  Do not use steam
5) Place merit badge on garment with the embroidery facing up.
6) Place cloth or light towel over merit badge and using a slow circular motion, press iron down firmly for 30 seconds. -  Do not use steam
7) Turn bandana over and iron the back of the bandana for 30 seconds.
Just let it cool for one minute and check that the patch is bonded to the bandana. If edge of patch can be lifted, simply repeat step 6.

Please Note: If you are concerned about the patch staying on, you can always stitch the merit badge in place, although this should not be necessary.